Elastiderm Eye

Finally! An eye treatment that really works to bring back the lift around your eyes! The ELASTIderm Eye Products are one-of-a-kind eye treatments that include a revolutionary bi-mineral complex, copper zinc malonate, to help restore the elasticity around your eyes and reduce the appearance of visible fine lines and wrinkles.

ELASTIderm Eye Products are only available through your skin care professional because they contain powerful, yet gentle ingredients:

  • Bi-mineral complex: Includes zinc and copper to help restore elasticity and build collagen
  • Malonic acid: Patent-pending Obagi formulation that helps stimulate the production of skin cells
  • Blueberry extract: Provides antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals
  • Penetrating Therapeutics: An Obagi technology that helps drive the ingredients deep into the skin

Clinically Proven to Bring Back Resilience

Restores the elasticity in your skin lost or damaged by age and sun exposure. 46% increase in elasticity in 9 weeks1

Reduces visible fine lines and wrinkles by helping to restore elasticity and build collagen. 16% decrease in the number of visible wrinkles after 9 weeks, with results in just 2 weeks1


1 Miller TF, Batra RS, Ramirez J. Evaluation of the effect of a novel bi-mineral complex on photoexposed periorbital skin [poster].

Elastiderm Decolletage

While you may have diligently maintained the skin on your face for years, you may not have paid as much attention to the skin on your chest and neck. However, the skin on your d?colletage is particularly vulnerable to visible signs of aging, since it tends to be thinner, less moisturized, and often overlooked in the sun protection regimen.

Revitalize your decolletage skin with the ELASTIderm Decolletage System for flawless, younger-looking skin. With consistent use, this system can help correct, restore, and maintain the radiant, youthful glow of your decolletage skin. In fact, clinical studies show that the ELASTIderm Decolletage System gradually reduces hyperpigmentation (discoloration), including freckles and age spots, in as little as 4 weeks.

Clinical studies have also shown a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after 4 weeks of use.1

You’ll see real results with the ELASTIderm Decolletage System

100% with wrinkles at baseline improved to an investigator rating of “mild”2 94% were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with overall decolletage improvement2 90% reported “good,” “very good,” or “excellent” satisfaction with skin firmness3


1 OMP, Inc. Data on file.

2 Leyden J. Treating photodamage of the decolletage area with a novel copper zinc malonate complex plus hydroquinone and tretinoin [poster].

3 Leyden J, Investigator. A randomized investigator-blinded study to evaluate the tolerability and efficacy of the ELASTIderm Wrinkle Reducing Lotion, Skin Lightening Complex and tretinoin 0.025% or tretinoin 0.05% in the treatment of photodamaged skin of the d?colletage. 24-week analysis. OMP, Inc. Data on file.

How Do I Get Started?

Your first step is to schedule a consultation. Dr. Comeau will evaluate your skin type and your goals, and make a recommendation that is right for you. To schedule a complimentary consultation, click here, or call the office at 410-733-1877.