Micro Laser Peels

Everyone’s skin is different. Some of us have naturally flawless complexions. Most of us, however, do not. Fine lines, age spots, uneven skin tone and acne scarring can make us look older than we are. We use our sunscreen and buy the very best products, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Sometimes you need something that goes beyond the surface of your skin to unveil the clearer, younger skin beneath.

Micro laser peels utilize the latest laser technology to remove the outer layers of the skin to reveal fresher, new skin. While there is a day or two of downtime with a micro laser peel, the treatment is worth it. Your skin will look and feel younger and more vibrant.

What to Expect with a Micro Laser Peel

When you visit Dr. Beth Comeau for a micro laser peel you can expect to spend about an hour having your treatment. First your skin is prepped with a special gel that assists the laser in moving evenly and diminishes discomfort. Most patients report that getting a micro laser peel feels somewhat like getting a warm massage.

After your treatment, your face will be red and may be slightly swollen. Swelling will reside within a day. Redness may last for 2 or more days, however Dr. Comeau will provide a soothing cream and a special gentle cleanser. For several days following your micro laser peel, you may notice that dark spots are darker, which is a good sign. That means that the pigment has been brought to the surface and will slough off over the next few days.

How Often Should I Get a Micro Laser Peel?

The frequency of having micro laser peels depends on several factors, and personal preferences. Some patients opt to have a micro laser peel once every few years. Others prefer to have 2-3 micro laser peels each year.

How Do I Find Out More?

Contact the office of Dr. Beth Comeau today to learn more about micro laser peels. Call us at 410-733-1877, or complete the Request a Consultation form on this page.

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